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Pacfic Dining Car

Prime, Aged, Corn-fed Beef

“The beef is dry-aged American corn-fed U.S. prime and tastes like it. The kitchen does a commendable job of broiling steaks, getting a nice crust without overdoing it… For serious eaters it's worth the trip.”
- Wine Spectator

The finest U.S.D.A. Prime Beef is specially selected for the Pacific Dining Car from corn-fed American herds. The beef is aged at the restaurant in a temperature- and humidity-controlled meat room. The dry-aging process naturally enhances the flavor and tenderness of the beef. When fully aged, the steaks are cut to specifications by the Dining Car butcher. As part of our refreshed 2017 dinner menu, we have expanded the aging process for our prime beef and are using a combination of American and French cooking techniques to create one of the finest steaks available!

At Pacific Dining Car we take great pride in making sure our steaks are presented at their best for your fullest enjoyment.